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Assured CASHBACK on 

Every SALE


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Maintain and Track Your 

SALE Record

Assured Cashback on Every Sale

INDIA’s First APP – Giving ASSURED CASHBACK on Online/Offline  Sales too. 
Till Now, you must have heard, that Customer receives CASHBACK on purchasing, so customer gets promoted to buy more and more, but Now, Celebration never stops, Wallet Shopee is now providing CASHBACK on every sale to the merchant too.
Just as the Customer does his shopping confirm, either by Scanning the QR Code or using merchant registered mobile number, CASHBACK is credited to both Customer and Merchant on the instant.
Ab CASHBACK wali khushi – Merchants ke liye woh bhi sale karne par

advertising platforms

Wallet Shopee Offers multiple Platforms for its Vendors/Merchants to advertise their Business Online targeting specially locally situated Customers, which ultimately leads to Increase their SALES and Customers Footfall.
Free Advertisement Comes With OFFERS Section which enables Merchants to directly reach their Customers and Offer them with Different Schemes and Offers to attract.
APP, Dedicated Webpage, and Other Online Media Platforms are some areas where WALLET Shopee advertises all its Merchants with their Complete Details like  Name, Registered Mobile Number, Verified Address, Google Tagged Location with Navigation and Offers provided.

Adverisement bhi ab Free mein – Directly Customer ke liye

increase in sales

Become WALLET Shopee Vendor today, and Get Boost in Your Sales, CUSTOMER Footfall on the Instant. 

You all must have listen the Quote – First Come First Serve…
Same thing applies to you, as soon you get registered with us, and be the first in your area/Business to Start getting Payment from Customers  through the most easiest and safest system. Now, When a registered Customer wishes to get benefit from the Wallet Shopee Offer Schemes, he has to purchase from the Registered Wallet Shopee Vendor Only. So now, when you will be the first person standing there, definitely Customer cant skip you. 
Merchants Starts Benefited in SALES and CUSTOMERS Footfall Directly.
Pahle Paao – Pahle Paayo

Maintain and track your sale record

Now, looking forward to Track your Sales, or just want to know how the complete money is growing. 

We at WALLET SHOPEE looks forward to help you in all your needs. 
In the APP, Vendors can maintain and track all his Sales/Income, if needed for the particular Customer with the help of a small filter of Customer with Duration Controlled another Filter. He/She gets enable to view and download all his income made from the Customer during the set duration. and can easily download the same in an EXCEL Sheet format, to view and maintain later as per his own suitability.