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Your Dream Income is Just a Click Away

First Time in INDIA – An App can become the major source of living for a person. 
Refer Income Scheme on WALLET SHOPEE App is Such a Scheme where person just invest that too not money – just his energy and wisdom once – making his friends/ relatives/known/Unknown register on WALLET SHOPEE and promoting them to use this for their daily shopping needs, makes him elegible to become a participant for Never Ending Refer Income Scheme. 
Person just needs to ask his members or friends registering (New Registrations) for first time, to put his/her registered mobile number in the reference code section in the signup page, only once. 
Now, Every time, this newly registered person does any shopping of any kind, he/ she definitely receives the CASHBACK as normal Customer Benefit under the Wallet Shopee Rules, but besides him, the Original Person whose number has been used in reference code will automatically receives the Corresponding CASHBACK in his wallet too.

Not for the Single time or One time but for lifetime till both the account exist

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